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Red Reaper Cupcakes

Red Velvet becomes re-animated this Halloween. These incredibly soft ruby red cupcakes will make your mouth have a rush with Reaper itself with its sweet fiery center. Whipped cream cheese icing provides a classic homage Read more…

Halloween Baking Must-Haves

Cool air is upon us, and it won’t be long till all Hallow’s Eve. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of the year when I throw out all my holistic living practices in exchange for some Read more…

6 Months Without Alcohol: Part 1

In society, alcohol is only considered off-limits until you are of drinking age. After that, we think very little of it unless we get into trouble. We assume our bodies are easily equipped to handle Read more…

A Carrot A Day

The carrot has become a bit of an underdog these days. Overlooked as merely a part of mirepoix, or reduced to stubby baby carrots for dips, this vegetable is actually worth its weight in gold! Read more…

Summer Slaw

Nothing says summer like BBQ. Whether its ribs or vegetable kabobs [or kebabs], I love gathering outdoors and enjoying the Southern style of cooking. That especially goes for the sides! So due to multiple requests, Read more…

The Carrot Campaign

Here at Carrot Campaign, we are dedicated to healthy and mindful wellness. We provide insights into Western and Holistic nutrition practices so that our readers can make informed decisions. Everyone is welcome to learn and enjoy. Oh, peas come join us!



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