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For the Love of Lavender

Oh lovely lavender! With spring just around the corner. What better way to lull oneself to sleep than with the distinct scent of lavender? Heavenly herbaceous, balsamic with woody undertones. The benefits of lavender have Read more…

Bread Pudding: Traditional vs Vegan

Ah, bread pudding. Such a time-honored tradition of refurbishing old bread. With that soft spongy bounce, giving it a distinct texture; bursting with cinnamon and soft vanilla notes with every bite. There are so many Read more…

Benefits of B-12

Feeling tired and overweight? Maybe you need more Vitamin B12? Vitamin B-12 is a safe, reliable, and inexpensive vitamin that is crucial for a healthy body. Known scientifically as cyanocobalamin (named for having the rare Read more…

Perfect Pesto

Pesto is a wonderful escape from bright tomato or heavy cream sauces. In the summer months with basil is in full bloom, but you can savor the summer a bit longer by jarring or canning Read more…

The Carrot Campaign

Here at Carrot Campaign, we are dedicated to healthy and mindful wellness. We provide insights into Western and Holistic nutrition practices so that our readers can make informed decisions. Everyone is welcome to learn and enjoy. Oh, peas come join us!



Carrots are cool, but theres more in store! Check out our different areas of expertise. There's something for everyone.
Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

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