Mission Statement

"We provide our readers with resources to make the best health decisions for them and their loved ones. Our mission is to make the world a happy healthy place, bite per bite."

-Rebecca Baron

Creator of the Carrot Campaign

Rebecca has always had a passion for food and a sense of purpose to help others. Her interest in food began at a young age from curiously reading the food label of her morning cereal, and looking up the scientific ingredients listed. Cooking and playing with recipes from an early age, Rebecca decided to attend college for dietetics; where she completed her bachelors degree in Food & Nutritional Sciences from Florida State University in 2009.

Shortly after graduating, her grandfather fell ill to dementia, where she saw physical improvements to his condition by switching out his hospital food with fresh, easy to digest fruits and vegetables. Although it could not cure this disease, the experience marked a significant change in Rebecca's approach to health and where to best direct her energy. Rather than pursuing a career in clinical dietetics, she decided to take a route to empower others with their own bodies. Prevention and enjoying life to the fullest.

"I will make it my mission to empower others with the resources and tools to make the best decisions for their health. This is a campaign for a long happy lives; my carrot campaign."

The Carrot Campaign was created in 2015, and continues to expand. Since then, Rebecca has dedicated her time to further research new arenas in health and stay up to date on the latest findings. She currently works in hydroponic farming with Living Water Farms LLC, growing greens with top of the line technology to bring healthy, sustainable produce with a low carbon footprint.


Rebecca Baron
Rebecca Baron
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