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Feeling tired and overweight? Maybe you need more Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B-12 is a safe, reliable, and inexpensive vitamin that is crucial for a healthy body. Known scientifically as cyanocobalamin (named for having the rare mineral cobalt), B-12 is one of eight essential B-vitamins and is essential for the metabolism for oh just, EVERY cell of the body!

Essential nutrients cannot be made on its own, must obtained through food.

B-12 is one of the largest most complicated vitamin of them all, comes in four almost identical chemical forms called vitamers. Humans traditionally have obtained it from eating meat and animal products from herbivores, as they can get it from eating plants, but humans cannot.

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In laymen terms, B12 is made by bacteria, which animals eat from plants, the herbivore’s gut flora can hold and proliferate the B12, and humans get it through the animal. Talk about syngerism and the circle of life!

Foods such as grains, cereals and other packaged foods are often enriched with B vitamins, which are the main alternative sources for vegetarians. That is why vegetarians and vegans should always supplement!

For health-conscious individuals, a regular intake of a prescribed amount of vitamin B-12 is a key element for preserving a balance in the human body. Remember, B-12 can be obtained from food sources or taken in the form of supplements orally or via injections.


  • Cofactor in DNA synthesis
  • Makes red blood cells
  • Required for metabolism of both amino and fatty acids
  • Creates myelin so nerves can communicate to one another
  • “Intrinsic Factor” IF needs B-12 from food to help absorb nutrients in the small intestines
  • S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), a compound involved in immune function and mood, depends on the association of folate and vitamin B12.
A well balanced diet should be a part of any mental health plan!

In combination with other B-group vitamins, vitamin B-12 ensures the smooth functioning of vital life processes of the human body. It is important for maintaining a healthy nervous system and DNA production. Vitamin B12 helps regulate the formation and maturation of red blood cells in the body, stored in the bone marrow.

As you can see, it does a lot and is quite the V.I.P!

B12 Benefits

Vitamin B12 is highly beneficial in various forms. Methylcobalamin, the coenzyme form of vitamin B-12 is a body-friendly version, which means that no metabolic steps are required for its absorption and it can be used in its normal form. Available as a sublingual tablet that dissolves under the tongue, because the digestive system might modify this molecule. Through this method, vitamin B-12 can directly penetrate the bloodstream and yield quick benefits.

Hydroxocobalamin is another form of vitamin B12 that has been recognized as an effective cure for cyanide poisoning.

Other benefits of vitamin B-12 include playing a role in maintaining and increasing energy levels in the human body.

Reasons to Supplement

Studies indicate that the absorption of Vitamin B-12 decreases with an increase in age. Hence, an increased intake of vitamin B12 is extremely useful for adults above fifty.

For elderly persons over 50, supplement form is recommended because this form of B12 absorbs better than food form. Supplementation of vitamin B12 aids in the cognitive function and heals neurological impairment within this age group.

B-12 is one to supplement!

In most cases, vitamin B12 should be taken in conjunction with folic acid supplements and a B-Complex vitamin. This will yield better results. The good news is that while the intake of vitamin B12 facilitates functions necessary for everyday existence, any extra amounts will be stored in the body for future use.

Research studies reveal a clear, inverse correlation between homocysteine (an amino acid found in the human body) levels and vitamin B12 levels. Blocking the formation of homocysteine leads to endothelial dysfunction (a narrowing of the arteries) and is a precursor of atherosclerosis. vitamin B12 helps to curb atherosclerosis. A supplement of vitamin B12 also augments the efficiency of folic acid’s capacity to lower homocysteine levels.

Researchers are of the opinion that an adequate dose of vitamin B12, that in conjunction with folic acid, can help counter heart disease and thrombosis. Yet one of the MANY reasons to get your vitamins!

Well, now you know some of the numerous benefits of vitamin B-12, and now you can apply this knowledge to have a happy healthy life!

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