Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix Review

Nowadays, a lot of people are seeking out gluten-free options to their favorite starchy staples. Some even say that everyone can benefit from less gluten in the diet, whether you are celiac or not.

More and more alternatives keep coming to the market, Birch Benders a small-batch kind of company becoming a major player in the area of grain-free baking. I decided to try out their Paleo Pancake mix, and below is my review:


First I tried the standard recipe, and their suggestion of adding extra batter for thicker pancakes. Then, I tried it out with fresh blueberries. The product was a bit lumpy, and a whisk would be a faster option than a fork. The directions list to stir until the ingredients were combined, but it took a lot of stirring.

The standard recipe delivered thin delectable disks with crispy edges that reminded me of crepes. The thicker ones were very reminiscent of real pancakes; although I tried them plain, I’d imagine they’d be quite good with a dark local maple syrup. Factors and opinion began to shift once I tried it with fresh blueberries, that is when things got messy.

I found that the berries overwhelmed the pancake batter, with half of the berry would bulge out of a fully cooked pancake. Then I thought to crush the blueberries, which it’s pulp made it harder for the batter to bind and cook thoroughly in the center. Flipping them would almost always break.


The product could improve by modifying their ingredients to make the pancakes come out more fluffy. Possibly some cream of tartar, or an egg white? I gather that egg white would still keep the recipe under paleo definitions.

Overall, it’s a really good product. Taste very much like regular pancakes, and I enjoy the fact it’s sweetened with monkfruit. I believe it’s a wonderful alternative for those who need to abstain from gluten. I give it 3 out of 5 carrots though because I find thickness of batter and smoother blending of the batter can be improved upon.

Perhaps in the future, I can review several different kinds of brands. I’ll need some taste testers though! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to review other brands.

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