Egg Substitutes for Vegan Baking

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Veganism is on the rise, and there are certainly numerous benefits to adopting a more plant-based diet. Eating more plant-based foods reduces your carbon footprint, and overall improves one’s health. Though cooking is an art, baking is a science, and not all ingredients are created equal.

I remember one time my sister was trying to ice cupcakes and was complaining about the runny texture. I quickly figured out she used almond milk instead of butter for a buttercream recipe, and the two are simply not the same! Certainly not the same ratio at least! Butter whips in a special way due to its saturated fat content and have certain baking agents that almond milk cannot replicate. The same goes for dairy and eggs. So understand with vegan baking, some recipes won’t be able to completely replicated (such as souffles, meringues and angel food cake). But hey, we look forward to the advancements in food science!

Cooking is an art, but baking is a science.

So here are some simple and easy alternatives for egg replacement for vegan (or egg-free) baking:

Apple Sauce

One of the more milder of egg substitutes, applesauce can work well with most breads, cupcakes and vegan sconces. Use even cinnamon applesauce for an extra tang like in coffeecake! Simply replace:

1 “egg” = 1/4 cup of applesauce


Avocado makes a delicious alternative to chocolate mousse or vegan keylime pie. If you use it in baking, it can give you a green hue so buyer beware when deciding what recipes to use it for. Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, just saying…

1 “egg” = 1/2 c up of (ripe) avocado mash

You might want to use part avocado, part applesauce or banana to offset the flavor of the avocado, or add a bit more sweetener to the recipe.


This, of course, would work great in banana nut bread, or cupcakes with a chocolate or nutty theme to it. Remember with egg substitutes, a lot of their flavors will transfer into the flavor profile of the final product. Banana is one of the versatile egg alternatives, flavorful and moist.

1 “egg” = 1/2 cup of banana puree

Chia Seeds

Chia makes a nutritious substitute in vegan baking but will bring a distinct texture (similar to poppyseeds) to your product. I only recommend chia seeds for vegan baking for goods that go well with a crunchy texture such as banana nut muffins or poppyseed bread. Or be prepared to accept the texture won’t be like the original recipe.

1 “egg”= 1 tbsp of chia + 3 tbsp of water

Soak chia in the water for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally


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Our friends over at Assuage have a special trick for you! When pressure cooking chickpeas, save the remaining leftover juice! 3 tbsp= 1 egg!

Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin is one of my favorite of gourds and can add a lot of moisture plus nutrients to a recipe. I have a whole article about pumpkin you can read more about here.

1 “egg” = 1/4 C of pumpkin (or sweet potato puree)

Ground Flaxseed

Rebecca Fey, author of “Recipes from My Cauldron: A Vegan Witch’s Kitchen” suggests ground flaxseeds as a great egg substitute for those unable to tolerate gluten or corn starch. Ground flaxseeds also boost the protein content and provide healthy omega 3 fatty acids you don’t get from pumpkin or applesauce. So this makes a hearty substitute without adding to the sugar content.

1 “egg”= 1 tbsp flaxseed meal + 3 tbsp hot water

Heat 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed in 3 tablespoons of water to give you the baking equivalent of 1 egg.

Note* Use ground flaxseeds for recipes baked under at or below 350 F in order to maintain lignans and ALA benefits found in flaxseed. If the recipe calls for a higher temperature, consider another egg alternative.

Silken Tofu

While tofu has been used for centuries in many Eastern cultures, not all body types agree with tofu and the plant estrogens it provides. Tofu in small amounts won’t really cause hormone imbalance, but listen to your body for certain sensitivities. Silken tofu though would make a great alternative for smooth desserts on special occasions like cheesecake, pudding or key lime pie. Always try to buy tofu or soy products that are organic and Non-GMO.

1 “Egg” = 1/4 cup of silken tofu


Here is an easy cheat sheet you are welcome to download or pin to your board!

Whether it’s due to allergies or wanting to embark on a more plant-based diet, we wish you the best of luck in your baking adventures! Comment below which ones worked best for you!

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