Halloween Baking Must-Haves

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Cool air is upon us, and it won’t be long till all Hallow’s Eve. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of the year when I throw out all my holistic living practices in exchange for some seasonal fun. Baking treats, simple carbohydrates, even a little food coloring. Hey, you only live once right?

I’ve searched far and wide, finding for you some of the most frightening fun baking supplies. The best part, these Halloween must-haves are all under $20 too!

There is absolutely no affiliation or affiliated links with any of these companies, only my personal recommendations. All prices are current at the time of publication.

Eat Your Heart Out!

This 3D heart mold is the most realistic we’ve found on the market, and it’s under $11! Sized 8 cm long and 6 cm wide. Get the whole 360 experience using both halves for an anatomically accurate heart with major arteries and veins or use each half individually for great flat molds!

Available at Walmart for $10.13!

Decorating tip: Brush your mold with food coloring and let set before pouring in your mold. This will add more realistic shading and detail to the heart.

Vintage Halloween Cupcake Set – By Swoozie’s

Nostalgia comes a-calling with this retro throwback cupcake kit from Swoozie’s.

Each adorable cupcake set comes with classic diamond print cupcakes liners and four different styles of toppers: black cat, witch, skeleton, and jack o’ lantern- not to mention packaging cute enough to die for! $16.94 for a pack of 24.

Baking Tip: Keep your decorative cupcake liners looking lovely by lining your cupcake pans in aluminum or plain liners. Peel them off after icing!

Yellow & Green Candy Eyeballs

“Bring me some eye of newt…”

What a delightful alternative to plain white eyeballs. Perfect for cookies, cupcakes, and homemade candies, these Wilton yellow and green eyeballs are worth stocking up on, even for projects beyond the spooky season. Imagine using them for owls, reptiles, and other animal friends. Use them for “red vein” eyeballs for an even scarier effect! Find here.

Available for purchase at JoAnn’s for $6.99

Decorating Tip: Put these peepers on after icing. These will melt in the oven, so wait till they are baked and cooled.

Rest in Pieces

Store your sweets in these adorable limited edition coffin-shaped treat boxes! These cute containers are available in two different shapes and sizes with an array of printed covers. There are too many options to picture here, so check them out yourself.

You can find them on Esty from AlwaysInBlossom for only $6 with free shipping!

Baking Tip: Whether parchment or wax paper, you can store your sweets with either. But only one can go in the oven. Only use parchment paper, or else you can go up in flames!

Gory Knives Royal Icing Decoration

Stab! Stab! Wilton wins again with these candied cutting utensils. Not only candied axes but kitchen knives and meat cleavers. All your savage cutlery needs can be found in these fondant decorations perfect for any murderous scheme your deserts require.

These too-good-to-pass-up candy decorations are available at Michaels for $8.99, but they have also been seen on sale for $4.49 while they last!

Decorating Tip: Rasberry syrup pulls off a more realistic blood effect than strawberry.

Try my Red Reaper Cupcakes, with a fiery sweet raspberry center and you’ll see what I mean!

I look forward to playing with some of these ingredients this Halloween season. If you do try any of these out, show me your creations in the comments below.

Happy baking, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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