Tamalitoz: Carrot Campaign Reviews

Published by Rebecca Baron on

Tamalitoz is a variety of hard candy produced by Sugarox, handmade in Mexico but a San Antonio, TX based company. I stumbled upon this brand for the very first time while waiting in the checkout line, and was delighted with combinations of vibrant fruit flavors with chili-lime and sea salt.

“The artisanal Mexican style candy that rocks your taste buds.”


It was love at first bite, and I began to search online on where to find more.

That’s when I saw that they came in numerous flavors and ordered a variety back online. My mouth began to water at the idea of cucumber, pineapple and tamarind in these chili-lime hard candy puffs. Here is my review of the Tamalitoz line.

In Conclusion

Overall I give them a 5K review. All the flavors were delicious, but the pineapple needs more chili flavor, and the tamarind ones could open up a bit more and shine. When picking my all-time favorite, the cucumber and watermelon were surprisingly a close tie. At nearly $5 a pack (4 oz each) I wouldn’t say it’s a deal; a fun flavor experience that won’t break the bank.

You can get the 5 flavor combination kit on Amazon for under $30. Official site here at sugarox.com/tamalitoz

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