Things I’m Giving up in 2020

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The week after the winter holidays, before the New Year is a time for rest and recuperation. But don’t get too lazy, because there is so much to look forward to in 2020. Whether or not I’m able to maintain my New Years’ resolutions for the entire year, I feel good for setting the goals. It feels nice to sit back to reflect, take an honest inventory and allow oneself to daydream a little bit. Strive to see a better version of ourselves. I for one, enjoy such challenges.

Instead of focusing this year on things to do, I decided this time to think about things I’d like to let go of. By removing blockages, perhaps opportunities and people that are meant for me will naturally gravitate my way. I find this to be more effective than being “open to anything” or held up too much on the outcome, and how it goes about coming to fruition. Instead of comparing myself to an ideal vision I’ve painted of myself, I’ve decided to take a more gentle approach. So I am looking forward to giving up these things:

1. Clutter

It’s great to start the year off fresh by doing a quick sweep through closets and drawers to find things to donate to charity. Don’t wait till spring cleaning, take advantage of the mild start of winter by clearing up your living space now. Get up from the couch, get moving and cleaning, then some fresh air letting that “stuff” go. Keeping that excess baggage during long drag of winter will only add to seasonal depression.

That also goes for digital declutter. Clean up the inboxes, all the promotion and social tabs and all those random unnecessary photos stored in your phone. When you are organized, you are able to find things easier and have a greater overall sense of ease.

Clearing your mind with 15 minutes of daily meditation, or planning your thoughts and ideas every night in a journal; all helps clear the clutter of the mind. I’m especially excited about trying this new Law of Attraction Planner, as it seems formatted to help keep me accountable to my goals.

Not only does it feel good to let go of the clutter and to give back, but it also makes room for new things to come into one’s life.

2. Self- Medicating

In 2020, I plan on getting re-aligned with my source self. When we are young, our hearts and minds are pure. Then we can’t wait to grow up so we can have the freedom to indulge however we wish.

The thing is, just because it’s socially acceptable for adults, doesn’t mean it necessarily good for our bodies. People tout the health benefits of wine, but those antioxidants are coming from the grapes, not the alcohol. While moderate alcohol consumption is fine, do not kid yourself that alcohol is not a poison on the body. We have very resilient machines for a body, but it’s good to work more with your body, than against it.

Studies have shown regular coffee drinkers have lower rates of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer.

– Medline (PubMed)

Same goes for coffee. Coffee itself, in organic pesticide-free form, is beneficial to the body. It helps the liver and studies have shown regular coffee drinkers have lower rates of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. When you find yourself dependent on coffee to boost your energy levels, that over time can take a toll on the kidney and adrenal glands. If you begin to feel regularly fatigued, reach for water instead of another cup of Joe.

For 90 days, I don’t want to have alcohol, smoke or drink coffee or soft drinks.

I advocate for tolerance breaks regularly. At least once a year. If you don’t want to do a full 90 days break, 30 days such as “Dry January ” is a good place to start. Regular cleansing like this once or twice a year can overall reduce your risk of lifestyle-related illnesses, the majority of top killers in westernized countries.

If you experience dips in your mood and energy level, come back to source and stop the self-medicating. Lay off the booze, the partying a bit and get some more sleep and vegetables in your diet.

My main reason for wanting to try a period of complete sobriety is wanting to be able to truly feel all my thoughts and feelings without chemical interference. I feel that many of us have not been in that state since we are children. For 2020, I feel I owe myself to be 100% present with myself.

3. Sensory Overload

As a typical Aquarius, I sure love to surround myself in technology. But do you ever notice after too long around devices, you just feel drained? Parts of the holistic nutrition realm blame that fatigue on the frequency waves of your devices and Wifi signals. Not only that, the blue light emitting from these screens have a hinderance on our vision, attention spans and dopamine release.

Work smarter, not harder

Point blank, it’s good to take regular digital detoxes. Trying to do it all, being constantly available and in the loop actually lowers our productivity. Just as small rooms with lower walls make purpose for concentrated focus, it blocks the flow of ideas, unlike big spacious ceilings. Being buried into our phones and devices can have that same constricted affect.

So do yourself a favor and put time aside in your schedule to unplug.

A digital “do not disturb” in essence. I try not to be available to respond to emails or social media notifications on the weekends. As someone who needs the internet regularly to run the blog, it’s nice to have moments just to myself where I can detach.

4. Negativity

If thoughts create our reality, then it does you no good to be thinking negatively! I’ve had to learn to forgive myself for inherent habits passed down from society, and learn not to worry so much. Instead of a focus on worrying, be happy for thinking ahead and the preparedness. I’ve even found the need to shut out negative things and people from my life because I sometimes slip back into a negative spiral. Dark or sad things online that may quip my interest, I steer away for so I don’t fixate my energy and ever eager imagination to get carried away.

You need to let go of the victim narrative. Take the lessons from the experience, then stop talking about it. Only then will you fully be healed, when you are no longer attached.

For many years I identified with the melancholy spectrum of life, thinking that there was a role for it in the world and perhaps that were the cards dealt for me. But once I learned to let go of the identity I’ve associated, and allowed others to associate with me, I’ve found I am none of those things unless I choose to be.

In 2020, I plan on be more purposeful with my thoughts and intentions. Don’t dream it, be it!

Be your best friend, not your worst enemy.

5. Comparing myself to others

Your only competition is in the mirror.

Regular social media use has been shown to increase depression and anxiety, not to mention the dopamine chase from the flood of notifications of attention and praise. Narcissism is on the rise, and everyone whether they realize it or not, carefully curates their life on social media. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is no joke, but the real deal. It’s important to remember the illusion and allure online, and spend more time cultivating a rich interesting life offline.

Trying to do it all, being constantly available and in the loop actually lowers our productivity. It’s an especially bad habit taught to women, and we are less likely to outsource tasks. In our quest to seem the most put together one-woman machine, we often shoot ourselves in the foot.

I was so tired after the holiday rush. I didn’t know where to begin with my bedroom. I gathered the energy to at least gather my laundry. While I could have saved money doing to myself and camping out at the laundromat for a couple of hours, I dropped it off instead. By doing that, I got the ball rolling and have more of a spring in my step. Since I was out anyway, I picked up some groceries. Then tackled my bedroom. It was a lot easier, (going the path of least resistance) and more affordable than trying to hire and explain someone how to clean and organize my room. By outsourcing that small task, I was able to better seize the day.

So remember ladies, people alike but especially ladies, it’s okay to say ‘no’ as a response alone, without needing to explain ourselves. Stop comparing ourselves to others and letting manufactured filtered beauty be a basis of our self worth and place in society. You are beautiful and unique in your own way, so just focus on being your best self.

Looking forward to see what I’ll be doing with all that extra free time this year. I’d love to hear what YOU plan on giving up in 2020. Tell me in the comments below!

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